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Our Story

Eware is our sacred land.
It is the beginning of the world,
where the Tikuna people were created.
In this place runs the igarapé that is also called Eware.
From the waters of Eware our god Yoi fished us out.
Eware, thy trees and thy waters are our inheritance.
Old people say that Eware trees are different.
The forest is low, never grows and never dies.
There is a lot of sorbet, buriti, açaí, ingá, cupuí,
araçá, bacaba, bacuri, mapati, sapota, pamá.
It also has many flowers.
This Eware vegetation is called bunecu,
because it is always small and new with a child, bue.
Eware is protected by animals and enchanted people.
On either side of the igarapé are Yo'i's houses and Ipi's,
just like in the old days.​

Jussara Gruber

About Us

The text above was presented to us during our mother's doctoral studies (The ritual of the new girl of the Tikuna people: intercultural dialogue and the right of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil). Over these four years, we've heard many references and, as a family, we've learned a lot about this culture. ​ The Amazon has always enchanted us, so much so that our parents came here from Rio de Janeiro 28 years ago and never left. There are those who say that anyone who eats tambaqui doesn't leave here, if only it had been the fish. We, the children, were born here and throughout our childhood we were able to be bathed by the river, by the northern culture and by the amazing cuisine. Through sport fishing, trails to waterfalls and camping, we were sure that something was missing that would further expand the experience of Amazonians and tourists in the land of Waterfalls. ​ Eware (pr. évare) became Ewaré (evaré), and thus Shack was born. Everything here had the involvement of our family: the architect father, the teacher mother, the communicator daughter, the fisherman son, the architect sister-in-law, among many other people who are now part of the family. ​ We seek to provide a true experience: exclusive, sustainable and handcrafted family accommodation.

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