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The Shack

Perfect for couples looking for tranquility, the first A-frame Cabin in the northern region, is made of rustic wood and decorated down to the smallest detail with luxury and design. It has infrastructure and at the same time privacy, which means that guests have a different experience with refinement and comfort.

Ewaré's focus is to spread respect and care for what comes from the forest. The structure of the cabin was developed thinking about how nature could embrace a house.

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The Shack

A charming refuge inspired by the exuberance and magic of the Amazon. Located close to dense tropical forest, our Cabin was carefully designed to offer a unique and authentic experience, harmonizing nature with comfort.


We value the maximum comfort of our guests, the Cabana has a double bed, located on the mezzanine and a sofa bed in the living room, thus being able to accommodate up to 4 people.


The Shack has an integrated Alexa system, responding to the main commands, such as turning on the lights, turning the air conditioning on and off and even turning on the television. In addition to being able to indicate the exact location of any item you need within Ewaré. Our 65' TV also comes included with Netflix and Prime Video. ​ We also have the fastest Internet today, Starlink, with its satellite operation that guarantees us good, quality Internet, even in rural areas.


The path is easy to access, we provide our guests with a locator. We are located at km 50 of Estrada de Balbina, which is part of BR-174. ​ The Cabana is located next to the family farm, in a quiet rural community. The surroundings of the Cabana are made up of farms and houses, approximately 40/50m apart between each building, maintaining maximum privacy. In order to expand it even further, a wooden fence was designed to surround the entire Cabana, as well as a reception and a market. ​ The community has a waterfall, which can be accessed by hiring a guide and several small markets.

Exclusive Services

We offer some services contracted separately, such as purchasing drinks and meals (rotating menu available via Whatsapp). Exclusively for romantic people: Bouquets, decoration with petals, Champagne, cold cuts, special dinners and hiring photographers. ​ The tourism service is made on demand, and can be visited in up to 10 locations in just one day. Having quieter options, with shorter or even more adventurous routes.

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